The Challenge

Heartland Homes builds housing developments all across South-Central Minnesota. They wanted to dramatically reduce the time it took their staff to update and maintain their site. They are frequently placing new homes, developments and floor plans on their website and needed a website that made those processes as fast and easy as possible.

Services Provided

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Custom Wordpress Development
Heartland Homes

Strategy & Approach

I worked with the Heartland Homes team to clearly understand their needs and how they desired to update their website in the future. This understanding allowed me to build a completely custom back end to their Wordpress website that made adding homes, lots and developments quick and painless. 

For the design of the website, I used a modular approach so single images and pieces of content could be uploaded once and reused seamlessly throughout different areas of the site and still look beautiful. 

The Results

In the end I was not only able to provide a well organized, user-friendly and beautiful website, a website was developed that meet their specific needs. By utilizing the custom Wordpress CMS we built, Heartland Homes reduced the time they spend updating their website by 90%. 

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Heartland Homes
Heartland Homes
Heartland Homes